Mark Obremsky

Strongman athlete, Army Veteran

Heavy Drop Gym’s goal is to forward the strongman sport, build athletes and the name recognition of the sport through hard work by providing what is needed for athletes to strive for their greatness.

Heavy Drop Gym has chosen to compete in Strongman Corporation… why?

The American Strongman Corporation (ASC) is the sole sanctioning and governing body for the sport of professional strongman in the United States. ASC provides American athletes with yearly opportunities by promoting several professional strongman contests across the country. We have fostered relationships with strongman organizations worldwide since 2001, and the NAS and ASC has grown to include over 44 affiliates nationally as well as 26 affiliates internationally.

Heavy Drop Gym has chosen to outfit mostly from Rogue Fitness which includes

  • 8, 10, and 12″ logs
  • Monster bell circus dumbbells,
  • Titan loadable circus dumbbell
  • All calibrated KG plates
  • and much more!
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